water story


y a y o i   /   photographer

water story 」というテーマのもと、光を感じる写真で物語を紡ぐ。



20102 個展「1 water story @cafe nino
20113 個展「2 water stories@喫茶星霜
20125 個展「3 water stories@gallery ie
20135 個展「4 water stories」@millibar GALLERY
20148 個展「5 water stories」@millibar GALLERY
20162 個展「6 water stories – from here-」@ondo tosabori
20174 個展「7 water stories – a spring story –」@ondo tosabori  




2019年より 出張撮影「写真室スイセイ」開始 


y a y o i / photographer:

She started photography in 2003. Holding the word “water story” as a theme for her photography, she has weaved stories with photos that make people feel lights.

Solo exhibition “1 water story” at CAFE NINO in February 2010
Solo exhibition “2 water stories” at SEISO COFFEE in March 2011
Solo exhibition “3 water stories” at GALLERY IE in May 2012
Solo exhibition “4 water stories” at MILLIBAR GALLERY in May 2013
Solo exhibition “5 water stories” at MILLIBAR GALLERY in August 2014
Solo exhibition “6 water stories –from here-” at ONDO TOSABORI in February 2016
Solo exhibition “7 water stories –a spring story-” at ONDO TOSABORI in April 2017

Career as a professional photographer:
Shooting for musicians, families, wedding, events, fashion, stores, products, etc.  
She has started the shooting-at-your-home service “suisei” since 2019.


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